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· 38 min read
Yangshun Tay

A number of students from the Project Intern group have been asking me questions related to Facebook internships, working at Facebook, and my personal journey. I decided to write down my answers in the form of a blog post so they can be shared more broadly and I can point people to this blog post in future whenever I get asked similar questions.

· 8 min read
Yangshun Tay

tl;dr: communicating effectively broadly and frequently helps you grow as an engineer and we have many tools built to do that!

At Facebook where I work at, strong communication is crucial for a successful career. As engineers, sometimes we get too focused on execution and it's easy to forget about communicating our work broadly. Perhaps some of us are new to a large engineering organization and previously did not have the tools to foster communication nor was it emphasized by the company.

· 6 min read

From Aug 2013 to Dec 2013, I was selected by Asst Prof Ben Leong of NUS to serve as the Head Tutor for CS1010S Programming Methodology, an introductory programming course in NUS. It was a new NUS course that aims to impart fundamental concepts of problem solving by computing and programming using the Python language.

· 13 min read

I survived CS3216 and it wasn't an easy feat in my opinion, given that I spent almost half my time on CS1010S this semester, the other half went to CS3216. Would like to give a quick run-down of my experience in CS3216, something like a review.

· 3 min read

Open source projects have always fascinated me. I personally find it tough to work effectively in small teams, working with a large community in a public, collaborative manner will makes things unimaginably tougher.

· One min read

The trouble with group projects:

  • Grouping with mediocre teammates makes you want to do everything by yourself. You probably end up having to do so anyways and die in the process.
  • Grouping with godlike teammates encourages you to decide on a scope beyond the project and you guys die meeting the overly demanding specifications you have designed for yourself.

Group work is hard.

· 6 min read

I love attending last lectures for some weird reason. It is usually during the last lectures when the profs share their life experiences and wisdom; stuff that cannot be obtained from lecture notes or the internet.