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· 2 min read

The topic of growth hacking has always intrigued me. Coming from an engineering background, I was never exposed to the non-technical aspects of a product. Although my NOC stints allowed me to work with the marketing and business development team, I wasn't involved in the decision-making process and marketing strategies.

· 2 min read

My team has decided to use Sails.js for the first assignment. It is an MVC framework for Node.js that is pretty much like rails. It's time to learn a new framework/library again! And sadly, because it's a new framework, there isn't much documentation and tutorials for me to refer to. I learn best through doing and experimenting. As the saying goes: I see and I understand, I do and I remember. Getting my hands dirty and trying things out for myself is an important phase of learning something new.

· 2 min read

"What exactly do I want to build in CS3216?". This question has been bugging me for the entire summer and I still do not have an answer to this question. Initially, I wanted to build a multiplayer game that uses WebRTC because it has been really hot after Google demonstrated prototypes of their WebRTC games during Google I/O, such as Chrome Maze, Cube Slam and Racer.

· 5 min read

Having taken CS3217 before, I understand that CS3216 is unlike most CS modules, the learning curve is extremely steep and students are expected to turn from zero to hero in a span of few weeks. CS3217 caught me off guard; I literally spent every single day coding and learning Objective-C, severely losing sleep, hair and my sanity.